Catapult from entrepreneur with a concept to CEO of your enterprise with a team of seasoned management professionals


North Carolina accelerator investor

We work . . .
with high potential, high impact entrepreneurs who have demonstrated proof-of-concept.


We help . . .
develop and refine your business model.


We staff you . . .
with an experienced management team up to and through development stage on a fractional basis.


We open doors . . .
to capital, structure funding and exits while maintaining continuity of vision.


We provide . . .
legal, HR and back-office support.


We provide access . . .
to subject matter experts and other resources.



How This Benefits You:


• On a fractional basis, you cost- efficiently acquire an experienced, hands-on senior management team.


• You gain confidence as we pressure-test your strategy, actively contributing from Day 1.


• You gain immediate credibility as we help you access and negotiate capital.


• You focus on the big picture as we team up with you to implement the strategy, handle back office functions and provide operational and organizational support.


• We’ll help you transition to a full time team of your own as you grow.